Monday, June 18, 2012

A Step Further, but Away from Him

Barely in a good shape lately.. had catch a mild fever and fatigue... post nasal drip triggered by dust. Oh! How I hate this feeling.
I lost my passion towards my work. I lost my focus. But I didn't lost my appetite at all. And thats how I gained another kg month by month.

I had a feeling being abandoned, by my boss. 
Funny isn't it? He just too busy and travelling, a lot! I've heard he isn't in a good mood and 'hulkiesh'. I rather not trying to attempt him.
With APOLLO is closing, left me only EXAMINE, which the follow up of patients once per three month I am bored and dying!
Comparing it to ARISTOTLE-era, we have clinic once a week, or maybe twice. My schedule was pack and tight. Right now, I can even walk with a speed of 20km/h.
This is not what I used to be. 

Luckily I had another offer, and considering to accept the offer. Maybe it is time for me to move on and attempt another adventure.
I want to broaden my passion, my obsessiveness to something even bigger. Alhamdulillah.. But leaving him isn't easy. 

Will I find another person who protect me like he did?

Will I meet another person who I can argue with? who can settle thing in just 5 minutes? Who make my way so easy? who will say "don't worry, i got ur back!"
who text me very early in the morning?

I'm gonna miss that moment. I'm gonna miss everything... my office, my friend and the dean's room...
I'm about to step out from my comfort zone, and I am so scared to leave him behind. For everything that he had done to me...
I hope that this is just a feeling.. and it will eventually fades.

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v


  1. memang kak su akan rindukan suasana nak cari pengalaman gak kan..try laaa..i'll support u.. love u sis!!

  2. thank you..hehe..harap dpt boss macam beliau jugak bila tukar keje...

  3. taknak komen tapi bila tulis kat situ budak comel kene la komen kan.hehehe..saya sokong dari semua sisi...hehehe ;)