Friday, December 28, 2012

How We Met_Perempuan Kaya No. 12

Watching us enjoying our life happily together, most of people I met questioned me, how we met and getting so close to each other.
Behind this happy life, we have gone through a hardship where betrayal and back stabbing DO happen. Life has it own challenge and the way we live, endure it make who we are.
I met Leen Lot Esposito in 2009 as a housemate. She is outspoken, free minded and love to write. She has achieved her dream to be a writer. Now, working for Women's Weekly Malaysia, as a part-timer. i love the way she express her feelings freely and pick the right word to express it. Well, she is a writer by the way!
In 2010, we moved to another big house (thats where we decide to call us- Perempuan Kaya No. 12)

This is where the mess happened. I am not to tell the story again. My own best friend being so selfish,did not stand for me but she, has stand and give her hand to walk and get through things together.

We live in the big house, only two of us. Happily ever after.

After a year, we approve someone to came in. (Under my suggestion). Thinking that 'that' girl is nice, we accept her in our life. As the time passed by, she showed her true color. My god! We just can't live with a low-class show off person like her. Condemn other people, yet she did not excel in anything. Can you imagine that?

We end up, living only both of us in the house. Hoping that god will help us, living happily ever after.

After a year, there is  a girl who get promoted and transfered to KL. This is where we start to know Mariani. She is soft and feminine.

Independant and strong willed. Currently she is a student (part time).

And, tell you what...
Living with educated and well manner person is a heaven. Both of them, has thier own opinion about life, have vision and open minded.

We grow old together.. We shared happiness together.
Praise to Allah.. that He has met me with these girls.

In December, Wilbur join us! He is 3 months old at that time. He is cute and hyperactive. Obsessed with human hand and feet.

Clever little fella!

We occasionally going for a holiday together (whenever we have time).

We are three musketeers.

We are trying to life happily together.
InsyaAllah, till Jannah.

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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