Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pliz Understand Me

The new study is ready to start.. So many things dat I have to sort out. I've to go through NMRR for research registration (despites of all the confusion created by me and boss).. Apply for CTIL @ NPCB. Nobody knows how hard I'm trying to get things solve with my boss 'pushing' me close at the back (want everything to be ready in a blink of an eye)... Still, I've to get my feet on the ground, run as fast as I can.Thinking and decide as fast as I could and try as hard as I am. I'm surviving with it becoz he is my BIGboss, my idol and I believe I'll grow stronger and better with him.

 But, I'm a bit dissappointed wif few close people and frenz who did not understand how struggle I am. I hate when people said I am selfish. For wat??? Becoz I dun care much to u?Bcoz I rarely speak to u.Becoz I am on my own world? Bcoz I can't spend time with u? Becoz u juz got some small little thing? Do I really need to pay attention on dat? Come on! You're a big grown person. Live it ur own life. Dun keep depending on others for such small things.

My head, is spinning like crazy around thinking hardly how to resolve thing, not to think how ur pain, hows ur mood, hows ur day and how u survive. For God sake! I dun even have time to call my parents each day. U can stand, eat, talk and laugh. I dun have dat much time to laugh either. So wat the heck of complaining ur pain,dizziness,giddiness (simple symptoms) n 'busy'ness.Please.. Get the hell out of my life, (for the small thing) and live independantly. Learn to make decision on ur own. My dear sis,wherever u r,please do let me 'breath' a bit..Yet I still love all of u even i didn't pick up d phone or reply ur text.

I'm juz a normal human being.. I do have feelings and I do have one mind and two hands. Sometimes I am out of control, sometimes I feel like going crazy, sometimes I feel dat i need to be alone.. Juz please give me that 'sometimes'.. So that I could be normal as others.

Dear Mum,Sorry for being ignorance. I'll call u everyweek and tq for being there to listen and motivates me....

Dear GreatFriend,All of u such a good fren. Tq for putting a smile on my face when I feel like I can't smile. i'm indeed sory if i am a selfish frend and being ignorance or heartless. I do want to spend more time with all but I can't....Dear Dad,I'm sorry for not visiting u at home. Its not becoz i dun want. It is juz we've some 'internal' problem. Hope u owez love me...
Dear My Beloved Sis,Sorry for not be there when u need me. Sorry if i didn't get wat u want and my apologize to broke so much promises and most of the time forget wat I'd said and promise.Coz, I'm Dory the Fish....(u noe wat I mean)

Research Maniac Forever

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v