Sunday, February 5, 2012

Out of Zone For A Moment

Day 2
Page 184.. I’ve read thought t he novel till page 214 and yet, the lady painted by Robert was still mysterious. My heart pounding, eager to know who is actually he drew in all his painting.
As well as his ex-wife.
There are a few page imagining the some kind of under worldly love but is it Robert? I can’t tell. It is so mysterious. No wonder, Dr. Andrew Marlow break all his rule and principles to get to the root of Robert’s mental illness cause.
I have missed a few calls and SMS, drowning into this mystery for almost two days. I’ve regretted why I didn’t read this book earlier so I could have finish it by now. I’ll send them an apology later for not even answering their call of SMS. I rarely ignore my surrounding… I can put my work as an exception as I ignore most of moving things when I’m working.
Mary. Who Robert always mentioned, dead? I have to keep reading to know is Mary is former student of Robert? Is it Mary? Or Beatrice?
Poor Kate, to have married that guy.
Does Beatrice who falls in love with Olivier Vignot? 1978?
A relationship between nephew and an uncle?
Gilbert Thomas painting?
The one that Robert tried to stab?
I began to read more and more.. My effort hasn’t gone to the vain. Mystery of Mary solved. Yes. She is the one who Robert run away with, but she isn’t the lady in the painting. Robert has leaved that lady as well as he leave his wife, Kate for Mary.
Is this what we call Karma. The day Yo built your own happiness in spite of others tears, you will feel the same. Should I feel pity for Mary? No. I shall say, it deserved you very well.
I’ve read through almost 200 pages today, yet the Ms Melancholy (if I can call her) hasn’t revealed yet.  And, I fall asleep with open book on my hand. The sound of key, wake me up. My housemate going out for a date I guess. And, before off to the kitchen, I’ve to tap off the pipe which left un tap accidently by her. Not as negligence as I am who left the keys hanging on the gate last two days. This has left me abandoned or dumped outside my own house.
Leave off the books open and heading to the kitchen. Thinking of something to cook, fo a bachelor lady like me. Most probably enjoy my lunch alone on the couch in front of newly bought, but old fashioned notebook.
I’m planning to continue reading this evening, at better place, calmer and windy place – Taman Metropolitan.

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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