Thursday, December 8, 2011

To Fall in Love Again Not That Easy ~ A New Leaf

 A New Leaf - A Cape Light Novel (National Bestselling author)
Thomas Kinkade & Katherine Spencer

I've juz finished reading this novel..a few minutes ago..and..all I want to say is, this is a good book with light literature but satisfying!

Its not only about love between Matthew (handsome new Cape Light doctor) who has lost his beloved wife, Sharon for almost three years.. and Molly the single mum...

"This is what life is all about. Forget the hearts and flowers. It's a mighty force, frightening in its power."
It is about Sophie who are about to lose Gus and did lose him at the end.. but the love remains...

"Don't worry, dear. She's just acting her age. It's good to see her misbehaving a little. I think it shows she's getting past her grief a little. I do worry sometimes that she's too perfect."
It is about Amanda who try to live a new life with Lauren's help..

"I knew he would get to you. Like the frog and the scorpion. Remember that story?"
Charlie who actually worried of Tucker's showing unexplained kindness toward his own brother Carl..a murderer..and his beloved wife Fran against his decision..

Out of all that, I really admire Molly..she represent my mum who has been abandoned with her kids.. And she tried her best to accommodate them.. raise them and give them the education as highest as possible.When his ex-husband Phil try to make up for everything, she did feel a bit of bitter in her life.. a feeling of disbelieve..She clung to her anger at Phil like a badge of honor.

Thank god..the light of love has finally spots her.. Matt has made a mark on her heart. 

"Well. Okay then. But afterward and today, I've had a lot of time to think about and me dating, I mean. It's hard to say this to you, but I know I'm just not ready to start seeing someone again. Not even you. Especially you, in some way. There's so much that's good between us now, just the way it is. I don't want to lose that."

It is the "let's just be friends" speech from confused Matt! and it hurts Molly too...

No matter how far you run away from it, if you meant to be..and if it will fall again in love.. you can't tell your heart who you would fall to...

"Molly, Molly, Molly. What did u do to me? Even thinking about work can't make me forget you entirely." - Matt deeply fall in love with Molly...

How it end with Molly and Matt..let it be a secret till you read the book (n_n)v

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v


  1. macam-macam puan suis ni, mula-mula benci lelaki dan tak percaya lelaki. Tiba-tiba lepas tu nak kahwin pula

  2. saya cik..bukan benci lelaki,cuma tak percaya berdasarkan pengalaman yang dilalui..actually ada jer lelaki yang baik...berhati2 memilih, salah ke?hehe