Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Second With You Never Wasted

I am supposed to focus on resolving data and queries plus the new task boss has given me this morning. 

But, the boss called me down to the clinic and discuss the eligibility of patient.
As soon as my 1 foot step into the consultation room..he start presenting the case. Digesting the information in my Gula Kapas melting in my mouth digested by the amylase in saliva...Fast and sweet. Age. Vital sign range. Medical Hx. Potassium level. LDL and total cholesterol level. Which I had it in my mind. Fortunately! (Please don't ask me something I might forget)

Then, with full of confidence and said: Yes. He will be in the study with Primary Prevention stratum!

Him: Okay. We can start run in today, can't we?
Me: Nope. Wait another week an we can start.
Him: Why not??
Me: Because this is new case. Presented today with a slight high BP. Previously noted as borderline: 130/89. We have to get patient stabilized for at least one week.
Him: No. It doesn't necessary. We can start today. 
(Sense of stubborn here)
Me: Still...No. Coz the window visit noted in the protocol is 1-4 weeks. We need to wait.
(Anothe stubborn lady here)
Him: I still don't agree..
Me: No.. We will see this patient next week at least 7 days from today because...
(interrupted by him...)
Him: Ok. I get it. 
Me: pffft... (feel a bit pissed off)

And he continues his explanation to the patient.

I noe I did feel like he's a bit pushy and sometimes stubborn. But I have to believe wat I did is the best for the study... And the session with patient finished.

And he stand up and lecturing the students...Me...standing juz next to them.

" Don't trust me. Anything I said never all so true. Sometimes I said wrong things. If you feel it is wrong. Just say it is wrong. When I said sumthing, you can't just nodded or say yes. Dat's how I know you are reading or not! If you studying or reading, I know!"

I smiled. 

I am sorry to feel like a moron when I tried to say I am right. Now I realized how he give me a lesson indirectly...Everytime I'm with you, I know my time will never be wasted, even a single second...

I smiled and speak in distantly, looking him from my heart and said: "Thank you boss"


Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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