Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hari Bengang Sedunia

Aku tak tahu kenapa. Aku paling tak suka rasa dikongkong, diperhatikan atau disalah anggap. Sangat tak suka. Kehidupan peribadi diganggu. FB, tempat untuk aku berbicara tentang apa saja (kecuali tentang kehidupan rahsia aku). Pasal kerja, maybe.. Tapi ada limitnya. Not to be serious. Kalau nak serious, baik aku cakap face to face ngan orang tu kan?

Kadang2 ada yang tak faham kegunaan FB. Nk eratkan silaturrahim, atau nak stalk orang. Pilih mana satu. Bagi aku, ada FB, untuk bagi family aku up-to-date.. And kawan2 yg dah lama tak jumpa. Tapi bukan nak tunjukkan keburukan orang, atau nak kondem orang. Me on FB isn't me in reality. Some I might share, some I didn't...

I don't know what their FB for... Stalking people? Or checking out each others GF/BF..

Judge me on FB, but u'll never know me in life... If anything make me feel irritate, (coz I'm sensitive!), face the consequences. I'll let people in, but I'll let people go or maybe forced them to go. I hate being controlled coz my parents didn't teach me that way. My parents believe in me, trust in me and let me explore the world.. And I'm never break that promise.. Thats why I'm being who I am now. Love my parents to the top.

Some secrets, I let people know (so it never be a secret)... But some has broke that trust.. And even worse, turn it to chaos. I felt regretted, till today to be so nice, to be so innocent. I thought being nice is good. But some has crossed that border, and I felt, I would never trust anyone from now on! 

We hope that people could guide us to a better life, but it is wrong.. Only family who really understand who we are.. Other than that, people are misleading. They all human btw..

Rasa terjun dari bangunan pon tak dapat hilangkan rasa sebal dalam hati ni...  I've trusted a wrong person!

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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