Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life As We Know It

Watching this movie is killing me from inside. For a few scene, my cheek wet. It is painful to have lost a great friend. And it is even painful when they have left their kid. Orphaned! 

To be frank, raising a kid and have a husband is soothing. I do, feel warm inside and then whispered to myself: "Suez, you are dreaming dear..."

I doubted..if I ever will have a family of my own. Because I fall for someone who don't love me back. Frustrated... yet I still have to move on and live a life with the pain. And it is hard to allow people into my life, because that space in my heart is fully occupied with someone else. That happened to be very similar with Holly ans Dr.Nelson. Holly fall for Eric, and Eric left her behind with the kid. And Dr.Nelson has come into Holly's life but never able to replace Eric's. They broke up.

I think it would be easier if we can tell our heart whose to fall to but in reality, we can't. The scene at Atlanta Airport bring back the memories. Which I've been there last year. I realized, wherever I am.. Atlanta..Florida... he is all over. I wished, he could stand next to me traveling together. I wished.. All the time. But the seat next to me is vacant.. And there is nothing I can do to make it occupied....

Holly run to the airport to get Eric back and confessed. But, it is too late.. She missed him. Holly didn't cry. She think they never meant to be together. And when she get home, Eric was there waiting for her...

That happy ending, will never happen in reality.. Not in my life.. That is the different between movie and reality...

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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