Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad Side of Me

If I dun want to look into ur eyes when we're talking, dats mean I really hate u..much much more if i dun ever want to look...even 'glance' at u... Hmm.. dats the bad side of me. 

It's very rare for me to hate people..and I did not raised by my parents as a kid wif hatred.. But, life is too cruel (why am I pointing d finger to d life????)...which actually thought me how to be 'heartless'.... 

I still have lovingheart despite of those hypocrites and annoying creatures around me... Unless provoked!

I do love, and 'like' people which helpful..even I still try to help people without judging his/her past.. Try to bring the creatures dat leave behind and alone. But, the badside out of me reveals when it comes to some obstacles... being too proud/arrogant and gossiping.. Yiks!

I hate 'crap' (i rather not to address as friend..) who spread stories, telling the whole world personal matters (includes me as main actress..damn!). Never thought dat I could be so famous then.. Defeated Angelina Jolie. Wow!! I should have win the Most Popular Actress Award if nominated.. (thinking of dat..I wish..hehe)

I have a second thought dat I may bury the hachet (make a peace wif dat creature) and things are going better than today..but, I think.... 

I've made my mind.. dat creatures will go to -------> Bingo Book! 
No. 1 - The Damn (who broke my heart)
No. 2 - The Gossippers (all ur doing is gossiping bout ppl)
No. 3 - The hated (who scratch my pride)

So, I am a revengeful person and once I hate people, I hate everything bout them.... Dear God, please forgive me... Give me strength to forgive people... Give me love that cure my gotsomanyscars heart...

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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