Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cardiologist a.k.a 'The Chesty Specialist'

Impression/Conclusion of most people to my specialist group. It seems reliable, at the first glance before I know them more. For me, they have a reason to be that way. I'm happy that some people have some attitude for their characters. This attitude does not stop me from doing my job. As I know about them, they are the most enjoyable person I ever know despite of their 'fully occupied' schedule. They know how to enjoy their life very well.

The Chesty Specialist are:

  • Confident. No such things they call (maybe, we r not sure, i think...) It is all 'certainly'.
  • Good analyzer as good as they analyzing heart disease.
  • Determined. Undeniable decision.
  • Inquisitive. What u do is not wat u get.
  • Know how to get rid of 'certain' people. Dun juz accepting all people to join in. It is good to have a 'safe' circle around you.

No matter how bad people talk about The Chesty Specialist, for me they deserved to treat as specialist/Consultant. And they do inspire me to be better (^__^)

I see the love and care behind the Red Eyed Monster. He might be strict and irritating, but comparing to others, he is the most responsible and dependable person. I'm grateful him for that attitude, I be able to do my job better and people do respect him. And to his Co-Investigators, Dr. MK and Dr. EAR its good that you learn how to get strict at people. Being too nice most of the time might interrupting few things in life (^__^)

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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