Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Neutral Day

I'm happy to wake up early in the morning after watching Hindi Muvies last nite. My abdominal muscle streched to its limitations, from the top of the pelvic bone area until the lower ribs. . Discomfort. Mildly. Laughing to the funny thing presented in the muvies. It did run very well.

As I've planned to start clinic at 0930am, having my breakfast with Nasi Lemak (so typical) and my fevorite Nescafe. Made my day! The clinic run smoothly with couples staff to work it out. (Thanks to my colleagues). Finishing the preparation for the day, I'm texting my bigboss to come over. He couldn'nt make it as he had some other plan at some other place. Urgh! I shud have text him a day before or maybe last nite. I've to agree dat dats my mistakes (T_T)

So far, I've to put trouble on my great cardiologist, Dr. Effarezan to help me out. She seems quite tense. Maybe with the long Q of patients waiting to be consulted. And yet, I'm adding some 'extra job' for the day. Am sorry for dat. Then, the time passed by and its our turn. Yeay! She did great job. Consulting patients and manage to get them everything they need. I love the smile on her face, I love her accent and love how she do thing hierarchyly...

To be cont'

Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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