Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Mind Relaxation Strategies

Maintain my automobile. This one might not seem like fun to some people, but for me it is enjoyable! Not any car washer can clean and maintain my automobile as I do.

Explore my own town. I'll spend a day to explore my own place, whether it's a park or historical site.

Explore the great outdoors. Find a nearby wilderness preserve or park, and hike or bike it.

Get in touch. Visit, write or call a loved one that I've been meaning to touch base with more often.Mum, siblings and close friends.

Clean my house. Okay, this really may not sound like much fun, but crank up some favorite tunes and spend an afternoon seriously cleaning my home until it sparkles. As un-fun as cleaning might be, the result is very satisfying.

Spend time making a wish list. One of the best things that I can do to have fun with myself is to daydream. The best part about that is that it doesn’t ever cost me anything at all. I've make a list of goals – places to travel someday, achievements I’d like to make, things I want to change about yourself. This inspires me to do more with your life. I find it fun to daydream for awhile all by myself.

Make up stories. It is fun to stretch my imaginations by creating stories in my minds. Telling my own stories or work on stories together in blog. Please refer:

Resume an old sport or hobby that I gave up.Left the Rollerblade games few years ago. Starting that game back inspired me.

Have long, relaxed conversations. I do take the time to really engage in long conversations about relaxed topics with the people that I enjoy speaking with. Getting together for a cup of coffee in my living room/secret recipe/warong and talk about our favorite memories, our biggest dreams, oursilliest stories.

Read something that interests me. SUDOKU. I dun read much books but the SUDOKU really did make me enjoy the day.
Even a 1000 cups of coffee with a friend it is too little (n_n)v

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  1. hehe when comes to free time, i certainly think of shopping but usually i did it even i need to leave home for work within passion toward money spending is killing me sometime but i'm happy till time will limit it. hehehe dun know when laa...

    2nd of all... i dun really bump into SUDOKU... but i loved crosswords and wordsearch since i was 12...

    3rd of all...
    rollerskating really fun! I really wanna have my own rollerblades...soon!

    4th of all...
    hanging out with jamil really made my day...
    he's funny and outspoken...

    5th of all...
    i know what u love the most..
    sometimes i dont..but we always love to understand our loved friends interest and share and do it together rite!!!